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‘In the Moment’: Three Countries in Five Scenes

COUNTRY ONE – Let’s call it Sperantia

Sperantia, Scene One

A room in Edinburgh in August 2011, one of the few that has not been transformed into a theatre in a festival city that boasts 300 temporary venues as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest open access arts Festival in the world. Around the […]

Silence – Dr Gus Casely-Hayford

The drum is the simplest of musical instruments.

We simply know, when force is brought to bear upon a resonant surface, that percussive energy is transmitted through the atmosphere to impact the tympanic membrane in the middle ear. The effect is immediate and can be utterly intoxicating.

And whilst that drumbeat might be the simplest component […]

Things Think of Us – Luiz Eduardo Soares

Things Think of Us
Translation, festa, social movements, violence and art
Luiz Eduardo Soares
I. Translation and the de-naturing of language

The rural workers whose story I researched during the 1970’s in the Amazonian territory region of the State of Maranhão, were not aware that there were several languages in the world. When they found out, they were […]

The Possible Other – Heloisa Buarque de Hollanda

In the life of those who study politics and art today, the most recurrent theme (or rather, theoretical paradigm) is sharing. This long movement, that has weakened borders and eroded the compartmentalisation of disciplinary knowledge beyond the old and resistant inter-, multi-, trans- and post- disciplinarity, is now radicalising itself in a different mode […]

(Português) 20/10: Seminário

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(Português) 19/10: O Lugar da Arte na Cidade 

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(Português) 17/10: Riscos e Aventuras nos Intercâmbios Culturais

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(Português) 18/10: Traduções, Transgressões e Transformações em Intercâmbios Culturais

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Image and Territory

This case study is based on the work developed by photographers RatãoDiniz and AF Rodrigues at Observatório de Favelas and in their arts residencies in the UK. Observatório de Favelas is a social organisation dedicated to research, consultation and public projects from which many now established photographers have emerged. RatãoDiniz and AF Rodrigues are […]

Music and Social Pedagogy on the Periphery

From July 2015, this project will research the exchange experience developed between ProjetoGuri (a 20-year old social organisation managed by Santa Marcelina Cultural) and Sage Gateshead.

Over the course of 3 years, music teachers from Sage Gateshead have been exchanging their practice with ProjetoGuri, teaching at the social-cultural project funded by the São Paulo State […]