The Art of Cultural Exchange Seminar has brought together a super diverse line up of academics, artists, producers and policy makers to discuss the contexts in which Cultural Exchanges thrive and produce transformation (check the programme here). From Shakespeare to indigenous cultures and a myriad of urban contemporary arts and cultural expressions speakers have shared their views and experience, highlighting the role of cultural exchanges in producing new opportunities for those living and working in the peripheries of the major international city centres.

People’s Palace Projects has been twitting live this incredible conversation and you can have a taste of what crucial and often controversial ideas are driving us forward by clicking here.

Our research team has presented the first results of our mapping which is already becoming a rich resource for those trying to form partnerships between Brazil and the UK, let alone being a historical documentation of arts projects happening between the two countries. If you wanted to put your project on the map, click here to submit your details.

Speakers and audience debated about the complexities of past and contemporary encounters between different cultures – at times absolutely brutal, at others incredibly fruitful, and in every case crucial to the understanding of the diverse world we live in.

At a time of social, ethnic, economic and political tension, cultural exchanges are at the heart of the debate about inequality, intolerance and human rights. As we develop our mapping and case studies, we hope to reveal more about the role of cultural exchanges in our current time.