A various range of professionals with different experiences and background training are part of the Brazilian Advisory Board of the research The Art of Cultural Exchange, which also has an advisory body in the United Kingdom. The plural background was one of the criteria taken into account to invite participants who met for the first time in late November 2014 to discuss the objectives and reflections given by the project, which wants to investigate the artistic and cultural exchange relationships that happen between Brazil and the UK, especially investigating the period between  the Olympic Games in London and Rio de Janeiro.

Gathered at the headquarters of O Instituto, one of the research carried out by supporters People’s Palace Project, the Queen Mary University, London, in partnership with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian counselors were beyond the analysis of the proposals raised by the project led by Professors Paul Heritage and Ilana Strozenberg. Members, who will meet regularly throughout the research, recommended, beyond what is foreseen in the original proposal, such as mapping, case studies and two workshops (one in London and one in Rio), to build a document with recommendations for the Brazilian government, on issues concerning the public policy of the arts in Brazil, that will certainly be addressed throughout this process.